Annapurna Interactive’s lovely afterlife puzzler I am Dead gets October release date

I am Dead, the endearing afterlife puzzler from developers Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg (who’ve previously worked on the likes of Hohokum and Wilmot’s Warehouse), will be making its way to PC and Switch on 8th October.

Published by the ever-reliable Annapurna Interactive, I am Dead casts players as recently deceased museum creator Morris Lupton, who, with help from his equally dead dog Sparky, must save the tiny island of Shelmerston from volcanic destruction.

What follows is, as Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan discovered when he had an early glimpse at I am Dead last month, a sort of find the object game built around investigating the island folk’s memories and using Morris’ ghostly vision to examine the innards of objects around him.

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