Anti-cheat vigilante gets hired by Riot

This month we’ve already seen an excellent example of anti-cheat work in the form of fake cheating software for CSGO, but one vigilante appears to have done so well that Riot’s offered him a job.

Mohamed Al-Sharifi, also known as GamerDoc, is a 24-year-old Iraqi living in London who has spent two years catching cheaters in Overwatch and Valorant. As explained in a profile by Vice, Al-Sharifi managed to discover several different methods used by cheaters in Valorant, and got the vulnerabilities patched out after providing Riot with the necessary information. He even ran a Discord channel for the Overwatch Police Department, which managed to expose players who were win-trading in Overwatch. He did all this despite receiving death threats and absolutely no pay for his work – but it at least looks like the latter is about to change.

“Finally I can say that I [have] been working closely with Riot to the point they asked me to join them in the fight against cheaters,” Al-Sharifi said in a TwitLonger post. “I will be exclusively working for Riot and not other titles anymore – I hope many of you understand why.”

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