Apex Legends launches cross-play beta next week

As we already knew, developer Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale effort Apex Legends is getting cross-play support; as we didn’t already know, Apex Legends is getting cross-play support next Tuesday, 6th October.

Cross-play will enable Apex Legends players across PS4, Xbox One, and PC to either buddy up or battle it out against one another, and to connect with acquaintances on other platforms, players can search usernames and send friend requests via Apex Legends’ in-game friend list. The receiving party will see a lobby notification they can either accept, reject, or block.

Once you’ve amassed a suitable collection of cross-platforms pals, you can send party invites via the friend menu; cross-platform invite notifications will appear in the lobby, while same-platform invites will continue to make use of the platform’s default notifications system. Respawn notes that voice chat will work between platforms too.

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