Apple claims Epic lawsuit is PR stunt to “reinvigorate interest in Fortnite”

The legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple over in-game microtransactions is expected to drag on for months, yet this week we’ve already heard some astonishing claims from Apple – suggesting Epic only started the lawsuit to bolster waning interest in Fortnite.

In an opposition brief filed to district court yesterday, Apple claimed the entire dispute was essentially a PR stunt to boost interest in the battle royale (via The Verge).

“For reasons having nothing to do with Epic’s claims against Apple, Fortnite’s popularity ison the wane,” Apple stated. “By July 2020, interest in Fortnite had decreased by nearly 70 per cent as compared to October 2019. This lawsuit (and the front-page headlines it has generated) appears to be part of a marketing campaign designed to reinvigorate interest in Fortnite.”

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