Baldur’s Gate 3 reveals races and classes ahead of next week’s early access launch

In the run-up to its early access launch next week, developer Larian has been on a Baldur’s Gate 3 info-splurge, this time detailing the various races, sub-races, and classes available to those signing up to role-play their way through the first of three acts on 6th October.

Initially, players will be able to select from 16 races and sub-races when creating characters – variations of humans, githyanki, elves, drow, half-elves, dwarves, halflings, and tieflings – before assigning them one of six classes, further divided into sub-classes.

Humans, the most populace race in Faerûn, are said to be tenacious and creative “with an endless capacity for growth”, making them particularly suited to adventuring, while the githyanki are described as “peerless warriors from the Astral Plane” seeking the total destruction of the mind flayers.

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