Bethesda founder says “users will be the ultimate beneficiaries” of Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax

Bethesda founder Christopher Weaver has opened up about the $7.5bn acquisition of the publisher’s parent company, Zenimax Media, stating the deal is “an extremely interesting acquisition on the part of both groups”.

As spotted by our pals at VGC, in an interview with Inverse, Weaver said “what Microsoft owns, Sony cannot get”, adding “there are only a limited number of proven creators of AAA”.

“I think this is an extremely interesting acquisition on the part of both groups. Microsoft deepens their bench instantly with one of the most experienced companies in entertainment software (during a time when video game sales are at an all-time high), and Bethesda gets the benefit of concentrating their creative firepower on software that feeds the Microsoft pipelines,” Weaver said. “A good prospective marriage of interests with a large domestic public partner.

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