Call of Duty streamer gets ridiculous Gulag win using drum kit

After someone managed to play their way through Minecraft and slay the Ender Dragon using a piano keyboard, I thought I’d seen it all, yet we have another entry in the instruments-as-controllers category – and it’s rather spectacular.

As posted to the Modern Warfare subreddit, streamer DeanoBeano managed to get a kill with a sniper rifle using a real drum kit. Limited to hitting only two controls at once, with each drum and cymbal bound to a specific function, DeanoBeano managed to painstakingly line up a shot before acing the timing on the last beat. The cymbal crash at the end really adds something, I think.

That kill in itself was remarkable enough, but DeanoBeano then took things a step further and managed to get a Gulag win using the drums. Thankfully, he was able to position himself on the correct side of the Gulag and managed to sneakily get the drop on his opponent.

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