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Why Should a North Palm beach Professional Gamer Hire A CPA To File Your Taxes?

Professional gamer should hire a North Palm Beach CPA
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Tax season can be quite a stressful period for many, especially in the world of professional video gamers. You may be preparing your professional video game business or personal tax returns, or thinking about what can be done to increase your deductions. Either way, it can prove to be very overwhelming even for the most experienced entrepreneurs.

It might sound surprising to you but there are many North Palm Beach gamers who do not consider hiring a CPA or any other tax expert when it comes to filing taxes. Perhaps they do not want to let anyone else see their books or maybe they do not want to spend even a few dollars. Whatever the reason be, if you do not hire a tax expert to manage your business taxes it can prove to be really troublesome for you.

Though a few professional gamers can file taxes on their own, most people will benefit if they hire a CPA in North Palm Beach with enough experience. A CPA will optimize tax returns and make sure they are done following the present regulations. Also, they can offer interesting strategies for your video game business.

If you are still wondering whether or not you should hire a CPA, then the below-given reasons are enough to get you surer.

1.You will never be misinformed and not land in trouble

There are so many books and guides that you can easily get concerning filing taxes for being a professional gamer. However, many such resources are way too old and some are not even genuine at all. Most gamers who opt for such guides are not tax experts in North Palm Beach and do not keep themselves updated with the current laws relating to taxes. For them, it is not possible to understand that if or not the information that they are using to file taxes is accurate or no.

Tax rules and laws keep on changing on a regular basis and just an expert CPA in Florida can be trusted in such scenarios. Only an expert CPA will keep himself/herself updated always with every rule and regulations. So, if you want to avoid any problems that might crop up when you file taxes on your own you must hire a CPA.

2.They can improve your tax deductions

A CPA in North Palm Beach, Florida can help improve your tax deductions in an amazing way and this is one of the most important reasons why you should consider hiring one. There are quite a few ways to look for deductions in the operations of your professional gaming business but you are not most likely aware of them just like many other professional gamers.

But you do not have to worry if you have hired a CPA in Florida. An experienced CPA has the knowledge to help you look for and increase business deductions. More the deductions you are eligible for, the higher will be the amount that you get back. Thus, your tax burden will be reduced considerably, all thanks to your CPA.

CPA North Palm Beach, Florida
Business concept: CPA on digital background

3.You will enjoy a better record-keeping

Ask any Florida CPA or any other tax professional how can you improve your tax deduction and they are likely to suggest watching your record-keeping and make it better. To optimize your tax deductions for gaming you will basically have to collect and then keep track of your business expenses in a perfectly organized way.

If you have taken the help of a North Palm Beach, FL CPA to file your taxes they will help make your record-keeping procedure better. When you have a well organized, accessible, and safe record-keeping strategy you will find yourself in a better position when the tax season arrives.

4.You can get their help outside tax season

If you have hired a CPA in Florida you can get their help not only when it is tax season but also throughout the year. CPAs do have great knowledge and experience as far as tax planning and preparation are concerned, but also they can offer you strategic advice and financial guidance in the video game world.

Every video gamer in North Palm Beach faces financial issues now and then. If you always have a financial expert to guide you then you can enjoy peace of mind forever. Your CPA, who will also be your financial guide, will help you make wiser strategic decisions and thus prove immensely beneficial for your gaming business.

5.You will save both energy and time

Every smart gamer in knows that time is money and cannot be wasted. But, if you plan to file taxes on your own it will take a lot of your time and energy as well. It can prove to be all the more irritating if you have no experience of doing it at all.

Do you not think it will be wise if instead of wasting your time on researching, preparing, and then filing your Florida taxes, you rather invest your time and energy into your gaming business and make more profits? If you hire an efficient North Palm Beach CPA to manage and file business taxes, you will have all the time to plan the successful growth of your business.

North Palm Beach Tax Preparation

6.You will have nothing to worry about

If you still plan to file your taxes on your own can you be completely sure you have done it the right way? Can you say with surety that you could find every single tax deduction that you are entitled to – especially since you play video games professionaly? Will you successfully be able to defend the return in case you are audited by an IRS?

If you will be honest, the answer to most of these questions is likely going to be, “no”. When you know you cannot manage this task effectively on your own, and you also know you have someone to help you then why take the risk and why stress? Find the best CPA in North Palm Beach and get your job done.

To Conclude –

Let us accept the fact that filing taxes is not as easy as it seems for a Florida gamer. It becomes all the more difficult when you have to file taxes for your business. But the fact also cannot be denied that tax filing has to be done to perfection if you want to enjoy the benefits and do not wish to invite trouble. So, why not hire a CPA North Palm Beach FL to do the task.

Remember, just hiring about any CPA will also not help. You have to make sure that your selected CPA is genuine and experienced and then you will have no reasons to worry about in any tax season ever.

If You Want a Video Game Room in Your Austin, TX Home You Need to Hire a Contractor

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Gone are the days when people used to visit playgrounds to participate in games. Thanks to the advent of video games, people now prefer indoor gaming. Taking part in games sitting in front of a computer or a game console has become a new norm in the gaming world. Some folks are so addicted that they allocate a room for virtual games. However, adding a gaming room to your home isn’t a simple task. You need a proficient contractor committed to home improvement in Austin for the job. A reputed remodeling contractor will add a suitable room matching your specifics.

Why hire a home improvement Austin TX contractor to add a video game room?

Many folks never consider a contractor for the job. They pursue a DIY route. Sadly, most of them finish up with a less pleasing gaming room. The truth is building a virtual game room within your home isn’t a child’s play. Rather, it takes immense experience and expertise. Only a trained professional can undertake such renovation chores. Hiring a home improvement contractor is beneficial in many respects.

Knowledge and experience

The modern world is into DIY chores. There seems to be a surge in DIY activities. People check DIY tutorials and try to complete many tasks on their own. There’s nothing harm in undertaking projects on your own. However, you should have some hands-on experience in the field.

If you can handle the job yourself, then it’s okay. However, not all chores are suitable for DIY enthusiasts. Certain projects are meant for expert hands. Adding a video game room is one such task that should be left for experts. Despite this fact, many homeowners take a DIY route.

If you’re one such person, think thrice before undertaking the project. Do you possess experience and knowledge like a contractor committed to home improvement in Austin TX? Your most likely answer will be no. So, why take the risk when you can’t handle and manage the project proficiently.

austin texas general construction

Outsourcing the job to a contractor is a better bet. First of all, home remodeling contractors possess thorough knowledge of building projects. Whether you want to add a small game room or a supplicated venue, these experts carry the necessary knowledge and experience to do the job.

Better results and warranty

Some folks are handy with simple building projects. They successfully undertake small chores such as building a couple of stairs or building a home gym. However, constructing a video game room is an altogether different task. If you pursue a DIY route, you’ll repent on the outcome. However, you can’t do anything once the project is finished.

The scene is different when you hire an experienced home remodeling contractor. The professional can finish the project using the latest tools. Consequently, you enjoy fruitful results. Even better, you get a warranty on the finished project. If you think that the room isn’t built as per your preferences, you may seek quick fixes. Without charging you anything, the contractor will make immediate adjustments.

Saves time and hassles

Some homeowners think that adding a video game room may not be so difficult. In view of their assumptions, they undertake the task during their weekends. They hire a few daily wage workers and seek help from their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, most of them screw up things in the process – like removing wallpaper.

Their try to be a DIY expert becomes the most undesirable moment of their life. Even worse, they waste valuable time to finish an undesirable room. Do you wish to face such situations? Are you ready to waste your precious time? No! So, why not leave the project for expert hands?

A reputed home improvement Austin TX contractor will finish the job satisfactorily. Without leaving room for blunders, he’ll see to it that the video game room is constructed properly. Not just that, he’ll save your precious time. While the contractor focuses on the project, you may concentrate on other important priorities of your personal or work life.

home improvements austin texas

Saves money

You may argue that employing a contractor will cost money. So, how will the professional save you money? Apparently, you’re right. The contractor will definitely not work for free. He’ll charge for his expertise. However, a proficient contractor will save you money in various ways.

First of all, he’ll buy high-quality materials at the best price. If you buy materials on your own, you’ll expend too much money. Contractors have connections with reliable material suppliers. They’ll bargain for a better deal. They might save as much as 30 to 50 percent of the material cost.

Even better, the contractor will complete the job in a lot less time. By doing so, he’ll cut down your overheads such as fixed daily wages and other expenses. If you add up the savings, you’ll comprehend that a reputed home improvement contractor can save you substantial money and possibly your marriage.

How to hire the right home improvement Austin TX contractor?

By this point, you know the importance of a Texas contractor. Now you may be eager to pick a suitable professional to build a video game room. However, don’t get carried and shop impulsively. Rather, take some time to choose the best contractor. The reason – not all contractors are worth considering.

Firstly, make a checklist of reliable contractors through offline as well as online sources. Scan their reputation, experience, and credentials minutely. Read their terms of construction and other conditions. Also, go through their past work samples and contact their references. Finally, settle with the best contractor that can make an appealing video game room or mancave without charging too much.

Concluding words

Having a separate video game at home is something everyone would like to cherish. However, you need a reputable contractor committed to home improvement Austin TX for the project. Quality work, warranty, affordability, knowledge and expertise, etc. are the key reasons for hiring an experienced renovation contractor. This is why many folks recommend the services of a contractor for the job. Just be certain you contact an experienced contractor and you’re on your way to enjoying a lovely video game room.

Why gamers Should Hire a Holistic Health & Wellness Tampa, FL Coach Today

holistic wellness coach in Tampa FL
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Many Tampa gamers hear the term ‘Holistic Health and Wellness Coach’ and they immediately begin to roll their eyes. People are often skeptical of the role of Florida wellness coaches and view them as con-artists who are out there to earn a quick buck. However, such skepticism stems from a lack of awareness of what wellness coaches truly do. Such coaches don’t spew mantras and promise quick-fixes; instead, they guide clients in the process of improving various aspects of their life.

Just as we would turn to a fitness instructor to help whip our bodies back to shape, we can turn to Tampa, FL health and wellness coaches to whip not just our bodies, but also our minds and spirits back to shape. Essentially, a wellness coach helps video gamers manage all aspects related to their well-being. This includes fitness, nutrition, stress management and relationships among many others. The areas in which coaches focus on will depend on the needs and requirements of clients. No two coaches do the same work as all gamers have different physical, emotional and spiritual needs. For clients who want to improve their nutrition to boost their health and energy levels, a Tampa, FL wellness coach may focus more on meal-planning based on the client’s dietary requirements. Alternatively, for clients who feel burnt out, a wellness coach would go beyond nutrition and guide the client on stress management, work-life balance and work towards building more nourishing relationships.

Everyone can benefit from hiring a wellness coach in Tampa, FL. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Improve your nutrition. Our gamer diets are becoming increasingly unhealthy. We often eat a lot of junk food, fast food and take-out and this can take a toll on our bodies in the long run. A wellness coach in Tampa can provide a tailored meal-plan that fits your dietary requirements. Depending on your budget and how much spare time you have after work to prepare meals, the Florida coach can give you practical advice and tips on how to improve your diet for the better. If you’re interested in trying out a new diet, a vegetarian or vegan diet perhaps, but you don’t quite know where to start, a coach can definitely guide you through it and equip you with the recipes and meal plans required.
  2. Stay motivated to get fit. We often set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get our bikini bodies ready for the summer but few of us actually follow through. With our hectic schedules, we quickly lose the motivation to work out and achieve our goals. Depending on your gaming schedule, a wellness coach can suggest workout regimens to help you achieve your target weight. Plus, having someone to hold you accountable helps you stay motivated. If you’re tired after playing video games and you just don’t feel like working out, a nudge from your Tampa, FL coach in the form of a motivational what’s app message or e-mail can motivate you to hit the gym instead of binge-watching Netflix.
  3. Manage your stress effectively. We all get stressed now and then but if we don’t know how to deal with such stress, it can adversely affect our health and well-being. High stress levels can give us sleepless nights and prolonged feelings of fatigue. A wellness coach in Tampa, Florida can provide valuable advice on how to navigate through stressful situations and teach us ways to reduce stress such as breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation.
  4. Improve your relationships. With our busy video game schedules, relationships often take a back seat. However, these social connections are important to ensure our happiness and long term well-being. A Florida coach can help you to identify and rectify negative actions that could be harming your valued relationships. He/she could even guide you towards improving strained relationships that burden your mind. At times, our worst relationship is often with ourselves. Experienced Tampa coaches could even help you improve your sense of self-worth through exercises such as talk-therapy.
  5. Get in touch with your spiritual side. This is often what stirs up the skeptic gamer is us but it’s important to keep an open mind and ask yourself, why not give it a try? Meditation or yoga may not be your thing and that’s alright. The great thing about having a Tampa, Florida wellness coach is that he/she is there to help you in whatever way you need. Try some of the new things suggested to you, whether it’s in terms of diet or practice, and gauge how it makes you feel. If you sense an improvement to your overall mood and happiness, continue. Otherwise, communicate with your coach in Florida and change things up. Keep in mind that as humans, we have a number of different needs. Our physical needs may be met with proper nutrition and diet and our emotional needs may be met with nourishing relationships. However, our spiritual needs often tend to be neglected. Hiring a Tampa wellness coach allows you to explore new practices you’ve never tried before to find a better overall balance in your life.
  6. Control and improve your way of thinking. It is our thoughts that manifest into behavior. Negative thoughts turn into negative behavior that ultimately results in negative consequences. Some of us often have negative thoughts and low moods. This is amplified in today’s social media age where we have overwhelming access to only the positive snippets of others’ lives. Comparisons and envy can severely affect our well-being and ability to lead happy lives. We can learn to control our thoughts and thus, change our moods and behaviors for the better. A wellness coach in Tampa starts by making you more aware of your thought process and helps you to change it over time through practices such as journaling, talk-therapy and positive self-talk.

Every gamer can benefit in one way or another from the guidance and help of a holistic health and wellness Tampa, FL coach. In today’s fast-paced world, we need to slow down and take the time to assess our well-being. We should identify areas in which we need improvement and take action to better ourselves. Change is overwhelming and when attempted alone can be daunting, so consider getting the help of an expert who can guide you to live your best life.


best golf vacations

Golf is a worldwide sport that offers many benefits for video gamers. And this is one of the reasons that many gamers travel all over the world to visit the best golf courses.

So with that being said we are also going to be looking at 3 of the top vacation spots for golf lovers that video gamers would love too. Now let’s have a look at 5 very important reasons why you should consider taking a golf vacation and hitting a hole in one.

Benefit Number 1- Golf Is A Sport Known To Relive Stress And Anxiety For Many Video Gamers

Stress can be a very big problem for many gamers and it can have serious consequences for your health, if you don’t take care of the problem right away. Most people have to deal with a lot of stress in their everyday life. Stress is a very big problem all around the world and that’s one of the reasons many video gamers all around the world play the sport of golf.

Unlike other sports, Golf is not a rough and contact sport at all. And this is why a lot of video gamers choose to play this game. Golf is also a huge mental game and can keep your mind busy and focused, which will relive a lot of tension and anxiety you have built up.

Your body will be tired after playing a couple of rounds of golf, especially at the most unique golf course, and you will most likely fall into a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. So this is perfect for gamers that suffer with sleep disorders like insomnia.

Benefit Number 2- Explore Different Parts Of The World When Booking A Golf Vacation

If you’re a gamer that likes to explore the world and travel to different beautiful places, golf is the perfect sport for you. Golf is a very universal sport, and has many beautiful courses all over the world, and the rules are not too complicated. So planning a golf vacation comes with many perks for people that like to travel the world and explore new things.

And seeing different cultures all around the world while playing the most relaxed sport is always a good idea. There are many countries that pride themselves in having the best golf courses around the world. Countries like Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States are some countries known to have the best golf courses. So if you’re a video gamer and golf lover and you’re looking to take a vacation, definitely think about visiting one of those countries.

Benefit Number 3- Golf Helps Improve Your Concentration with Video Games

We all need our brains exercised once in a while, and golf is great for that. Golf may not require you to be strong and fit, but it does require you to have good vision and concentration. So when you play golf, you will need to use your vision to focus on the holes, and you will need to be very concentrated.

So being focused and aware is something you will be doing all the time while playing the game of golf. And your mind is like any other muscle in the body, in the sense that it needs to be exercised once in a while to keep things running smoothly. So your brain will be grateful when you book a golf vacation next time.

Benefit Number 4- Enjoy The Outdoors When You Book A Golf Vacation

Everyone knows that golf is an outdoor sport. So if you’re an outdoor type of person that likes non contact sports, then golf is perfect for you. There’s many scientific benefits that prove your health is a lot better when you enjoy the outdoors frequently.

Being outdoors is good for your vision, and that’s especially useful as you get older, especially if you play video games. And also getting natural sunlight provides your body with vitamin D, and it’s very good for your skin and health in many ways. Being outdoors also helps reduce your stress levels and anxiety, so that’s another great perk that comes with enjoying the outdoors more often.

Benefit Number 5- Get A Fun Workout While On vacation

Golf may not be a fast paced and heavy contact sport like others are, but that doesn’t mean it won’t give you a great workout. The calories you can burn playing golf varies in a lot of ways, because there’s so many things you can do in a golf course that burns a lot of calories.

You can do many things like walking around or running the golf course, which will burn a lot of calories. Also, constantly swinging at the golf ball will burn many calories as well. And it goes without saying but exercise is crucial for your health, so why not get some exercise the fun way by playing golf.

Best Golf Courses Around The World

As an extra bonus here are 3 golf courses known to be the best in the world. So you might want to think about visiting one of these places when looking to book your next golf vacation.

• The Old Course at St Andrews– is located in Scotland, and it’s the oldest course in the world.

• The Royal County Down Golf Club– is located in Northern Ireland, and it’s known to have a lot of history, because it’s one of the oldest golf clubs in Ireland.

• The Pine Valley Golf Club– is located in the United States, and it’s known to be one of the best golf clubs in the entire country.

Final Thoughts

Golf is a fun sport that video gamers should be aware of that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors, so why not book a golf vacation and enjoy the many perks it has to offer. And it’s also not a boring sport like a lot of people think. Golf can be played by almost any person from young to old, so this is a great sport for many people.

Booking a golf vacation for a video gamer isn’t much expensive nowadays. There’s so many golf courses and resorts that offer great package deals, so you don’t have to worry about spending more money than you should. And some will include food and a suite to stay in, as well as other great perks.

The Benefits of Acting Agencies for Video Game Voice Actors



For upcoming video game voice actors, making it in the arts and entertainment industry requires more than just excellent acting skills. Anyone who wishes to get to the glamorous path of where successful actors are trending now needs a ticket- and that is joining a reputable acting agency. There are so many talented people out there, meaning that competition is very stiff. One way of coping with it is for the actor to have a reputable agency represent him or her. Below is a look at the benefits of acting agencies.


A notable benefit of acting agencies is when it comes to getting video game voice over roles. In both films and television shows, casting begins with enrolling in and passing auditions. Representatives working for the agency will arrange tryouts for actors by contacting producers. Since they earn a commission whenever an actor lands a role, the representatives will look for producers that can offer bigger roles and more lucrative pay.


Having connections is the other advantage of acting
agencies. Reputable agencies usually have already created the ideal associations with producers, directors, script writers, journalists, and so on. They have all the information about upcoming films and television shows that may be scouting for actors. Simply put, an acting agency’s network of professionals can lead an actor to a role with the potential to bag an academy award. Also, if the actor does a good job, he or she is ensured a steady supply of roles.


By joining an acting agency, an video game voice over actor gets to work as part of a knowledgeable and supportive team of individuals that are in the same boat as him or her. The video game voice actor will always have someone creative to share ideas with. Actors enrolled in acting agencies guide and support one another during difficult periods in their careers. They always have someone to help them handle specific problems in the acting industry.


These tips will help you to become the best video game voice over actor.

The Types of parrots in Video Games

What types of parrots are in video games?

Exotic, vividly coloured and prone to mimicry, parrots hold a revered place in popular culture, and this has extended to a few memorable appearances in video games. This brief history of video-game parrots reflects our enduring fascination with these beautiful birds. Sounds great, right? Well,the following are some of the parrots in video games.

Amazon Parrot

Amazon (1984)

Adapted from the plot of Michael Crichton’s novel Congo (but transported to the Amazon), this graphical adventure game invites players to explore a South American jungle accompanied by a parrot or Parrotlet called Paco, in search of a lost city and an expedition that went missing. This red-and-green-feathered Amazon parrotlet is sassy and obnoxious, but can aid you in your quest if you make friends with him.  If you’ve ever wanted a parrotlet as a pet check out the parrotlets price – they’re not as expensive as you thought.


Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (2008)

This is the third and final instalment in a series of puzzle games by the Japanese developer Level-5, starring the adventurer Professor Layton. The hero advances across a landscape solving increasingly tricky puzzles presented by locals en route. One of the rewards in solving these puzzles is access to a series of three mini-games, one of which involves training a parrot to carry items via a system of ropes and walls. The user gets to name this parrot, which has a yellow body and green wings and crest. Unlike Paco, this parrot does not show a forceful personality but is obedient and hardworking.

Parrot from Lego Pirates of the Carribean

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (2011)

Parrots have long been associated with pirates, an association that goes all the way back to Treasure Island’s Long John Silver and his beloved macaw. And in this computer game a particularly persistent parrot plays a central role in the solving of a puzzle. The parrot is required by one of the pirates in order for him to be persuaded to join your pirate crew. Unfortunately for parrot-lovers, this feat is only accomplished through brute force.





Overwatch (2016)

This multiplayer game invites players to fight it out in teams of six in a dystopian future scenario. One of the characters, Bastion, is accompanied by a cute yellow parrot called Ganymede, which helps out in warfare by firing a small gun of its own. The character was based on video-game artist Kimberly LeCrone’s Senegal parrot called Tikka.

So as we’ve seen parrots in video games play various fascinating roles in computer-games. Perhaps one day a major game title will cast a parrot in its starring role? That will be the best idea ever.

How to Get the Best of League of Legends

The best part is coming up now, back in the days when League of Legends was released there were many programs giving the players great advantage over the opponent.

Riot Points were a bit tricky at first because they are the League of Legends currency which you can buy at shops for real money. About 8 months later our team managed to bypass Riot Games system and made League of Legends Hack – Riot Points Generator that allowed the members to change the hash values without being detected on server.

In fact, there are only advantages at availing the League of Legends boost. If users notice other gamer going up at a very fast pace, it means that these gamer are using the boost. So, players should not wait any longer. Instead, they should quickly find the most suitable site and place orders once they go through the necessary details. When users check out a reliable website, they will find out why it is a good thing to obtain the boost.

A reliable website is sure to have experienced players as boosters. Hence, users can expect the best boost. Apart from that, a reliable website will also make sure that users’ identity is secure and confidential. These are the few facts that users need to remember when they buy the boost.

A lot of players have been able to make faster progress with the help of League of Legends boosting. If users want to succeed in the game, this is the way out. Currently, there are many places where the boost is available. Since it came to be known that users have trouble getting through, experts have created the boost and coaching facilities. So, the boost and coaching are available in several websites. Users can find the right place and avail the chance today. To find the most amazing deals, users can find a number of sites and compare the prices. 

Players can select a website that promises to complete the boost as fast as possible. When the boost is complete, users will have the ability improve their place in the game. They can kill monsters, defeat other champions and move faster than teammates. At the same time, they can earn rewards and get more skills.

The boosting service will deliver best results that reflect gradual growth. Though, mastering the process and experience will consume a fair amount of time, therefore make sure that you make the best choice while looking for companies.

Customer service is also an important aspect that should be taken care of. You would definitely seek a company that focuses on improved communication. You could try this elo boost expert as they have a great support team live on their site. In case of any queries, the service provider would be ready to deliver quick response in league of legends boosting when you might want to hire league of legends boosting services is when you get stuck.

Whether you are worried about reaching Hell or you just cannot pass a certain point and you are afraid that you will not be able to finish the season successfully, an experienced booster will definitely help you pass this difficult stage in the game and allow you to have fun once again in the game you love so much. Most players are worried about having problems with their accounts if someone discovers they have been using League of legends boost services, but when they are working with professionals, no such thing will happen and they will always have a positive experience.

Everyone has seen new skins in the game and knows how nice it can be to have something like that. The problem is that skins are only rewarded to those who finish a season successfully and when you are stuck at a certain stage in the game; you will definitely not manage to receive one of those cool new skins.

Boosting your account will definitely help you finish the season successfully and receive the skin you wanted.
League of legends Boosting is required when you get stuck in the wonderful and most popular game League of Legends Boosting.

Why I Love Combat Arms

Shoot em Up Game

I ��ve been obsessed with Combat Arms for the last month.  It’s an older first-person shooter, but I can’t stop playing and have even stopped playing other games such as Moana online in order to play it.  My friends who are not familiar with the game wanted to understand my addiction a little better, so I promised them this article explaining what Combat Arms is exactly and why it can easily become all consuming.

Combat Arms was developed by the South Korean company Doobic studios and published by Nexon in 2008.  It is considered one of the most interactive first-person shooter games.  Because it’s a multiplayer, free-play game it has attracted over 11 million players.

Combat Arms can be compared to the Call of Duty and Ghost Recon franchises.   This game has a ton of different game options such as Capture the Flag, Elimination, One Man Army, Fireteam (multiplayer cooperation), Spy Hunt, Seize and Destroy, Bombing Run, VIP Escort, Hired Guns and quite a few more.  Capture the Flag is my personal favorite.  This game can be challenging to say the least so a less experienced player should look for a good Combat Arms Cheat Website

A user playing Combat Arms is ranked in the game based on experience and military rank, which they can obtain as they play.  When you kill other players or complete an objective you will receive money in the form of Gear Points.  These Gear Points or better known as GP can be used to buy new gear (weapons, weapon enhancements, character accessories).  You can also use your real, hard earned cash and buy equipment through the Combat Arms Black Market.  With the Black Market you don’t have to have a certain rank requirement to purchase higher end weapons, and some item are exclusive to the Black Market.  When you buy an item with GP the item usually comes with a time limit that ranges anywhere from one to 90 days.  After the time expires the item will be deleted from the player’s inventory unless you have renewed the item.  However, some items purchased through the Black Market come with no time expiration.

Another incredible facet of this game is the community feature.  You can join a clan or a league.  The official league of Combat Arms is known as the World Online Gaming League.

Combat Arms continues to grow and get better through regularly based updates.  Players can continually look forward to new maps, character accessories and new weapons.  On the last count I checked, there were over 50 maps and 500 weapons.

I love how fast this games moves and the graphics are incredible.  However, when I first started playing I was getting killed every few seconds (no exaggeration), and I usually kill (pun-intended) at first-shooter games.  I usually don’t like to cut corners, but I wanted to get good real quick so I used a Combat Arms Cheat Website and that boosted my gameplay tenfold.  Hopefully, those that read this article are better players than me and won’t need to cheat, but if you want a leg up in this game without taking the time to master it and good cheat website is your ticket.

The New Mod for Aliens: Colonial Marines Has Improved the Game Drastically

Aliens: Colonial Marines


When Aliens: Colonial Marines first came onto the scene in 2013 many people did not like it (me included). It received so many bad reviews and critiques it was considered for a short time to be pulled from shelves. However, recently Templar GFX Modding has taken on the complex task to give the game a complete overhaul and give fans what they hoped would be the game when it was launched.


Templar GFX Modding who designed and executed the mod have made this game absolutely amazing which you can find at ModDB. The overhaul has touched every little detail of the game such as the animations, the engine, and the weapon mechanics. Templar even reprogrammed the Artificial Intelligence for the Xenomorphs and the humans. They even went in and drastically improved the effects and visuals of the game.



I got a chance to play this recently and besides the major overhaul what I find most dramatically changed is in the Xenomorphs. When I played the original creation, I found the Xenomorphs to be boring, easy to kill and not visually stimulating. However, in this mod I find them to be more deadly. The way they move and their behavior has them appearing more scary, and I caught myself several times jumping when one of the Xenomorphs popped up on the screen out of nowhere. Templar says the new Xenomorphs, “Dramatically shifts the tone of the entire campaign.”


Templar went on to say, “This is how Colonial Marines should have been when it came out.” I have to agree with this. When the game launched many fans were angry on how the game looked amazing in demos and trailers, but when they bought the game it was far less than what was advertised. Sega and Gearbox Interactive (the makers of the game) received numerous false advertising complaints and even were slapped with a lawsuit. Now when I bought the game, I was disappointed with it. I could see the game didn’t match the hype. I can even agree the game makers dealt in false advertising, but I wasn’t angry enough to put together a formal complaint or enough to file a lawsuit.


The possibility of Modding gives me goose bumps. You have to try out the original version of Colonial Marines and this new Mod version just to see how different the two games are. Just imagine if every game that sucked someone goes in and gives it an overhaul? Doesn’t it just sent shivers down your spine?