Crusader Kings 3 is full of hidden bastards, players say

It all began with a single Reddit post. “You’ve probably been cucked,” said user MadHopper in an ominous warning to fellow Crusader Kings 3 players last week. “Don’t turn on debug mode unless you want to see some terrible truths.”

The warning was related to a mystery that many Crusader Kings 3 players have now spent days trying to solve, the question being: why are there so many hidden bastards in the game? When MadHopper hovered over his children in the game’s debug mode, he discovered all but two of his 10 kids had been secretly fathered by someone else. “That’s when I moused over myself: turns out my father was cucked too,” MadHopper added. “My house is effectively no longer descended from its founder at all.”

The revelation alarmed players who wanted to ensure their playthrough followed family lines, and who were disturbed by the idea all their supposedly legitimate children had actually been fathered by someone else. “Out of all the wives my characters had I believe it was just one that didn’t produce any bastards or children with disputed heritage – the homosexual one,” Alastor wrote on the Paradox forums. “I mean I know this is the middle ages and everyone was having wacky sex with everyone all the time, but still this is a bit much.”

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