Crusader Kings 3 outlaws “North Korea mode” in major patch

Like any grand strategy game, systems get real complicated real fast in Crusader Kings 3, so it’s little wonder that Paradox Interactive has taken player feedback on board to introduce a raft of changes for the game’s first major patch. And seriously, there are a lot.

One of the major changes in patch 1.1 addresses a technique the community has dubbed North Korea mode – essentially a way to conquer the world by ignoring domain limit penalties and holding enough counties to make up for the reduced levies and income. As many players deemed the strategy overpowered and unrealistic, it’s now been patched out, and the penalty for being over the domain limit has been increased from a 90 per cent reduction of taxes and levies to a full 100. On top of that, vastly exceeding the domain limit for over a year will deactivate all buildings until your domain limit is lowered. No more world domination for you.

Another common complaint voiced by the Crusader Kings 3 community was the apparent abundance of bastard children in the game, which many players discovered when exploring their save files in debug mode. The patch adds more restrictions to see if characters are willing to cheat on their partners, while the intrigue event “confused heritage” is now being restricted to players only – “as the AI was going a bit wild with it and turning everyone into bastards unnecessarily.”

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