EA talks Star Wars: Squadrons’ switchable ship components and customisation options

If you’re a space pilot (and I realise many of you are probably not) that likes to add your own personal touch, then Star Wars: Squadrons has you covered, bringing switchable components and customisation options that EA has now detailed more thoroughly in a new blog post.

Components, as far as Squadrons is concerned, are unlockable elements that can be slapped onto your starfighter in order to alter its functionality in, as EA puts it, “subtle or radical ways”. Hulls or shields can be fine-tuned to impact a ship’s defensive capabilities, for instance, while players might opt to equip primary weapons with higher rates of fire, or the likes of torpedoes, bombs, and mines for support in combat.

In total, players have access to seven available component slots, enabling them to tweak and change their primary weapons, two auxiliary weapons, and countermeasures (all these are known as active components), as well their hull, engines, and shield (passive components) – although the latter slot is not featured on ships without shield generators.

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