Edith Finch dev’s formerly PlayStation-exclusive The Unfinished Swan now on PC

Eight years after its PS3 launch, What Remains of Edith Finch developer Giant Sparrows’s gorgeous first-person narrative puzzler The Unfinished Swan has arrived on iOS and PC.

The Unfinished Swan, which made its PS3 debut in 2012 and later released on PS4, magics players to a mysterious painted world which initially appears as a canvas of pure white. By spattering ink across the environment using an enchanted paintbrush, an entire 3D landscape, absent of both colour and shadow, is gradually revealed.

At first, The Unfinished Swan amuses itself with simple navigational puzzles based around its wonderfully striking paintbrush mechanic, but new elements are introduced as players step deeper into Giant Sparrows’s beautifully wrought fantasy kingdom.

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