Familiarity is part of the fun with fox-based Zelda-alike Tunic

Tunic has always looked like Zelda and it’s always looked beautiful. How long now have we gazed down into this balmy isometric world with its neat pointy thickets of grass and ancient slabs of sun-warmed stone? How long have I stared at that plucky little fox in his green outfit, all ready to go off and save…what? The kingdom? The world?

Now, in honour of Gamescom, there’s a demo out. I’ve played it, and you can play it on Steam here if you hurry because it’s only up for a short time. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. And it’s a delight.

I’ve ducked in and out of this demo a bit and it’s a proper charmer. You turn up in the sunny overworld, master the dodge-roll, venture into a cave to open a chest and equip a stick to hit things with, and then head off into a dungeon.

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