Fast cars, big bums and the secrets behind one of the best Need for Speed games yet

It’s not so much a secret at this point, but at least we now have the finer details: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is coming later this year, with PC, PS4 and Xbox One getting the refreshed title on November 6th while it’ll be coming to Nintendo Switch on November 13th. There’s a visual overhaul, with 60fps being the target on PC, PS4 and Xbox One while the Switch is looking to hit 30fps, while they’ll all benefit from cross-platform multiplayer (a key part of Hot Pursuit’s make-up, seeing how it introduced the concept of asynchronous multiplayer to modern games with its Autolog feature).

There’s more besides, with the DLC folded into the main campaign, while some subtle tweaks have been made to gameplay and the front-end has had an overhaul. Most importantly, though, the core driving feels as fresh as it ever has – those pendulous slides are intact, while Seacrest County looks better than ever before. It’s also a homecoming of sorts for the series, marking the start of Criterion’s second stint behind the wheel of the hugely popular series.

Having spent a few hours with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, I chatted to Matt Webster, VP of Criterion Games, and Chris Roberts – one of the original team on Hot Pursuit who’s now at Stellar Entertainment and is working as creative director on the remaster.

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