Here’s a cheeky way to get four months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only £20

You can now boost your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership by up to four months for only £20 through EA Play. It’s all thanks to the same conversion trick that many took advantage of with their remaining Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

It works like this because when Microsoft announced that EA Play would be included as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions from 10th November, they also confirmed that anyone with an existing EA Play membership would have their remaining time converted to Game Pass Ultimate.

“If you’ve purchased both Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play through the Microsoft Store when the EA Play member benefit unlocks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, your EA Play subscription will be cancelled, and any remaining time over 50 days will be rounded up and converted to the nearest month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a ratio of three to one,” it states on the EA Play with Xbox Game Pass FAQ.

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