Here’s the first teaser trailer for the Monster Hunter movie

Oh yeah, the Monster Hunter movie! It’s “only in theatres” in December, apparently. We’ll see about that! And we’ll also see about this teaser trailer – the first for the film.

In the teaser Milla Jovovich and her unit go up against Diablos in a desert-like area. Jovovich and her unit seem in trouble – their army weapons are useless against the monstrous beast. We see a glimpse of the soldiers played by TI Harris, Meagan Good and Diego Boneta, but there’s no sign of the Hunter, who’s played by Ong-Bak star Tony Jaa.

This is just a teaser, but I’m getting Michael Bay Transformers vibes right now. Something about the soldiers and their guns in the desert fighting a giant thing that’s hard to make out reminds me of the first act of the first Transformers movie.

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