Here’s your first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode

If you’ve been wondering how Call of Duty’s long-running wave-based Zombies mode will manifest in Black Ops Cold War when it launches in November, developer Treyarch is finally ready to share some answers, and, as luck would have it, a bunch of gameplay footage too.

This year’s undead narrative, introduced as Die Maschine, whisks players back to the 1980s, to a world where the multiverse has now been unified – if not quite scrubbed free of the zombie menace – following the conclusion of Black Ops 4’s Zombies mode.

Die Maschine pays homage to Zombies mode’s very first map, Nacht der Untoten, sending players – serving as part of Grigori Weaver’s CIA-backed international response team Requiem – deep into a derelict World War 2 bunker to uncover its terrifying secrets.

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