Internet sleuths solve mystery of Flight Simulator’s 200-storey Melbourne house

If, at this very moment, you were to fire up Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, hop into a plane, and take to the skies around Melbourne, Australia, you might be a little surprised by what you find puncturing the skyline. As discovered earlier this week, a vast 200-story residential home has unexpectedly magicked itself into existence in the otherwise not-immediately remarkable suburb of Fawkner – and now internet sleuths have figured out why.

The imposing, impossible structure has rapidly become a bit of a hotspot for curious Flight Simulator sightseers, piercing the horizon like some monstrous primordial obelisk conjured from the unknowable void. Mainly because, you know, it looks kind of neat.

The obvious problem, though, is that no such 200-storey skyscraper exists on that spot back in the real world (at least not one visible through a mortal eye), leading Flight Sim fans to ponder exactly how it got there. And now – as highlighted by duck enthusiast Liam O – diligent Twitter users, in response to a thread by Alexander Muscat, have managed to trace the origins of Fawkner’s newest landmark back to free wiki world map OpenStreetMap, and a typo.

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