Legendary developer Sid Meier, creator of Civilization, talks to RPS

PAX Online x EGX Digital – the huge, two-headed, three-contintent, 24-hour-a-day digital gaming event operated by our parent company ReedPop – is alive! Among the many things going on are multiple streams of panels and interviews, and among those are a handful we’ll be drawing your attention to here on Eurogamer because we think they’ll be worth your time (or because we organised them ourselves).

First up: a true legend. Rock Paper Shotgun’s chat with legendary strategy game developer Sid Meier – creator of Civilization, Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon and more – has just concluded on the PAX channel. You can view it on demand in the embed below.

Sid is promoting his new autobiographical book Sid Meier’s Memoir!: A Life in Computer Games. We’ll have more on the book on Eurogamer soon, but in the meantime do give this a watch: Meier is always a delight in interviews and this one, conducted by RPS’ Nate Crowley, is no exception.

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