Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new trailer is a fun reminder just how far games have come

As someone with no previous interest in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, but who’s ridiculously excited about its newest release – partly because I’ve recently discovered the laidback thrills of a simulated video game transportation (thanks American Truck Simulator) and partly because, well, I mean, just look at it – its latest trailer is quite the eye-opener.

I mean, sure, I’m old enough to remember when the sprite was king and a polygon was a rarity seldom beheld, but it’s still rather awe-inspiring to be reminded so succinctly just how far video game technology has come since my days with Atic Atac and Kokotoni Wilf.

Microsoft’s latest trailer, you see, offers a whistle-stop tour of every Flight Simulator iteration released over the last four decades, starting with 1982’s version 1.0 – a quaint black and white abstraction by today’s standards – right up to this year’s game. The latter, you probably don’t need reminding, is a breathtaking showcase of next-gen visuals. Digital Foundry said so!

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