Monster Hunter Rise looks like it’ll be the best of both worlds

Even though Tokyo Game Show was a purely online affair this year, some traditions remain – namely that Monster Hunter stole the show, this year with the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise, the new Switch-exclusive installment that’s getting a global release on March 26th next year.

It’s the series’ debut in Capcom’s RE Engine – indeed, it’s the RE Engine’s debut on the Switch – and the first proper dedicated Monster Hunter for Nintendo’s hybrid device following the port of the 3DS’ Generations back in 2018. Generations’ director Yasunori Ichinose returns to the director’s chair for Rise, bringing a fair few ideas from the breakout success that was Monster Hunter World.

The map’s more diverse, with no need for loading screens between areas, while other new additions include the palamutes – canine companions who’ll help you sniff out monsters while also serving as mounts – and most excitingly the introduction of a wire bug, a device that acts like a grappling hook and allows you to traverse all sorts of terrain. It’s all very Breath of the Wild, in the best possible way.

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