Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 review: a Titan in all but name

The new Titan is here. The RTX 3090 may not come with the traditional name, but the $1500 price tag and 24GB of GDDR6X memory show that this is a firmly ‘prosumer’ GPU, designed for scientists and content creators who’ll consider the card a cheaper alternative to Nvidia’s professional Quadros – and as you’ll see in the final verdict, that puts us firmly in the frame as target customers. The RTX 3090 is also pitched as a gaming monster, capable of driving an 8K display at a time when even 4K has yet to be broadly adopted. That makes it a fascinating candidate for review, as there’s so much to cover – that unique triple-slot cooler, the fully-enabled GA102 GPU inside and Ampere’s efficient architecture, all combined into what Nvidia promises to be the world’s fastest graphics card. We’ll put that claim to the test in our newly redesigned gauntlet of gaming benchmarks, along with our impressions of the card’s hardware design and power efficiency.

As we noted in our RTX 3080 review, Ampere represents an important moment for Team Green. After going through the pain of introducing new features like RTX and DLSS last generation atop a modest performance increase, the 30-series cards are a chance to back up these innovations with the kind of raw speed that requires no buy-in from gamers or developers to appreciate.

The “make it really fast” strategy seems to be working so far, with the RTX 3080 going out of stock at launch, and we expect similar demand for the ‘BFGPU’. Here’s where to buy the 3090 if you’re interested!

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