Respawn tweaks Apex Legends’ armour again

At the beginning of Season 6, Apex Legends made a pretty radical change to its meta: no longer would players simply cross their fingers and hope for good armour, they would be able to earn their layers by causing damage. All armour was swapped with Evo Armour, meaning players could pick up white or blue pre-levelled armour from the ground, and would then have to attack other players to evolve it to higher-tier levels.

In theory, it was a good way to encourage fights and reduce reliance on lucky looting – but the Evo Armour change came with a 25 hit-point nerf to all armour, which meant that time to kill (TTK) was reduced. This alteration didn’t go down all too well with the community, many of whom preferred longer battles in Apex Legends and felt the TTK change lowered the skill gap.

Well, the all-Evo Armour change is staying: but Respawn has now decided to revert all armour pieces to their previous values.

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