RPS talks to Inkle Studios about the very special Pendragon

One of the holy grails of game design is the infinitely replayable story – a narrative game, but one that genuinely adapts to every action you take, not just certain crunch decisions.

Well, Inkle Studios – who made the wonderful 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault – might finally have managed it with Pendragon, an adaptation of Arthurian legend as an interactive tale that remembers every move you make in combat and out of it to create your own unique story.

Pendragon’s out on Steam next week, on 22nd September, and we’ll have more on the site for you then. In the meantime, here’s a lovely and very informative chat our friends at RPS had with the Inkle team about it, which just streamed as part of PAX Online x EGX Digital and which you can watch on demand in the embed below.

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