Sea of Thieves pirates can unlock a fancy Battletoads ship set from tomorrow

Sea of Thieves’ August is slightly more low-key than usual thanks to a few coronavirus-related wrinkles, but there’re still a few notable opportunities incoming – including a season of summer events with handsome rewards and a new ship set inspired by classic Rare brawler Battletoads – which can be acquired from tomorrow with a little bit of effort.

Those eager to secure some retro flair for their vessels will need to start by acquiring a copy of developer Dlala Studios’ brash new Battletoads reboot, which is out tomorrow, 20th August, on Xbox One and PC. It’s also available on Game Pass, meaning subscribers with a hankering for some mean, green livery already have an easy route in.

By completing Battletoads’ first act “at any time”, players will unlock the full Fightin’ Frogs Ship Set for use in Sea of Thieves, consisting of six appropriately themed pieces: sails, hull, flag, cannons, wheel, and capstan. You can see how all that looks in the announcement video below.

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