Seminal CD-ROM adventure Myst is being reimagined for VR

Developer Cyan Worlds is remaking its seminal CD-ROM adventure Myst for VR, and it’ll be heading to Oculus Quest later this year, with a PC release to follow.

Cyan Worlds’ new Myst VR remake is described as a “reimagining” of the 1993 original – the second time the developer has revisited its adventure classic, following 2000’s 3D adaptation RealMyst – and promises new visuals, audio, interactions, and even a randomised puzzle option for those seeking a greater challenge.

There’s a brisk new trailer to accompany today’s news, but it’s more of a mood piece than anything else, offering nothing in the way of gameplay and only the smallest glimpse of Myst VR’s revamped world. You will, however, find a few mildly illuminating screens below.

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