Some more of PAX Online x EGX Digital’s best bits

PAX Online x EGX Digital, the mammoth 9-day digital event about video games organised by our parent company ReedPop, is five and a half days old now, and we’re starting to get used to it. Obviously we would much rather be cramming ourselves into a cavernous expo centre with you lot, but that is not practical or safe right now – and there’s something to be said for having multiple channels of panels, demos and more beamed straight into your home.

For the full show experience you should check out the virtual show floor, the bustling Discord community, the Steam hub, or the sweet merch and the streaming schedule. It’s a lot, especially the constant stream of panels and sessions, so we’ve curated a few highlights from the last day or so for you.

First up, a look at the strange, sometimes contradictory relationship between horror games and anxiety. Why does horror set your heart racing, and what do you do if it gets too much? How come some people actually find horror games helpful? Our panel of doctors and horror game enthusiasts – Dr Sachin Shah, Dr Donald Servant and Dr Hamilton Morrin from Gaming the Mind – investigate.

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