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Best Places in Delaware to Find Video Games




delaware video game store


We all know that technology and the virtual world are evolving real fast. Thousands of movies are being produced every day, and even more so, hundreds and hundreds of video games are being released by the minute. Now the question is, where can we get good, quality video games around our communities?

There are some who may find buying games online is a hassle, and that they would want to “get the feels” or even try out some of the games—which is not a common thing online. Gamers would therefore choose to video game stores, where they could ask for proper and immediate assistance before they would buy the product.

Of course, not all video game stores would provide quality, customer service. Some would just try to make the transaction with you, while some would really make you get excited into buying it, because store clerks and their other personnel have been really trained to put your interests aligned with their services. This article will help you know more about the best places in Delaware where you could find quality, video games.


Dr. Gamefix

Our first on the list is a Video Game and Game rental store called Dr. Gamefix. Located on Cleveland Ave., Delaware, Dr. Gamefix eyes to “work harder so you can play sooner,” as their mantra implies. They do not just sell and rent video games, but also specializes in all video game console repairs.  Currently there is a tarp over their roof as Russell Anthony Exteriors Delaware fixes their roof.  Their new exterior will definitely be an improvement. This is a place where you could definitely maintain having a non-stop gaming lifestyle.


Game Stop Delaware

Second is Game Stop, which has ten stores around the State of Delaware. It boasts itself as “the World’s Largest Selection of Game Products.” They provide the hottest and most updated video games there is around the world, and also sell a wide array of gaming systems not just for PSP, but also for Nintendo Wii, 3Ds, DS, Xbox 360 Play Station 3 and so on therefore they are highly preferred.


the video game guy

Last on our list for Delaware video games is The Video Game Guy. Located in Raven Rd., Wilmington, DE, this store takes pride in selling vintage systems, games and accessories for old school gamers. So, if you are a person who patronizes the classics, this store would be perfect for you!

There are a lot more video gaming stores around the state, but we’ve picked these ones just for you. Upon careful review of these places, these three would give you gaming experiences of a lifetime.


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