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Gaming has evolved over the years. Gaming is no longer a solitary endeavor for people who were mostly considered lazy. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry that generates billions in revenue for the giants in the gaming industry. In 2013, according to statistics, video games generated revenue to the tune of 10 billion for Microsoft and 7 billion for Sony.

An even more interesting trend is the rise in indie video game developers and their considerable success.A passionate gamer and developer no longer need to work for the giants in the industry. Instead, they simply develop the game at the comfort of their home and upload the game onto the online stores.

One important thing that all video game developers have in common is their reliance on social media for the success of their games. Why is this so?

Importance of social media to video game developers

1. Feedback

Feedback from the masses gives a developer the chance to fix bugs fast in addition to utilizing the opinions offered to improve a game.

2. Keeps people talking

How does a developer determine if their game is a hit? The reviews by both players and non-players, the number of downloads and especially the buzz on social media.

Hashtags, retweets, vlogs among other social media tools keep people talking about the game. The more they talk, the greater the game’s exposure. The greater the exposure, the higher the chances of success.

3. Platform for connecting with customers

Any business and not just video game developers will always do better if they can connect with their customers on a personal level. Whenever a customer feels appreciated, they are bound to follow the product religiously.

Considering how important social media is to game developers as established above, it follows that video game developers will need a social media management service to deal with the different social media needs.

Why a social media management service?

1. The internet is extensive and social media platforms immeasurable. One person is not capable of keeping up with all of them. There is, therefore, need to hire a social media manager with required resources and whose main job is to do this.

A good example of the need for social media management is the case of Dong Nguyen, the flappy bird game developer. He ended up removing his game from the stores which at the time had over 50 million downloads because he could not cope with the social media buzz and the backlash that came with it.

If he had a social media management service, his game would probably still be in circulation.

2. Social media marketing requires marketing skills. A game developer is normally a tech guru with no marketing skills. A social media manager has the required skills.

3. There is a certain kind of temperament required for social media marketing. One has to be a people person, friendly yet a bit detached to avoid sagas like Twitter wars. A social media manager is bound to have this temperament.

4. Social media management maintains high-quality information and content in all social media platforms associated with the said video game developer. Also, they continually give a quality update.

5. A social media manager has only that one job hence guaranteed quality networking that will lead to high level of exposure.

The need for a social media management service for game developers cannot be emphasised enough. It is the difference between a game soaring or flopping.