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Should my houston, TX Video game store be insulated

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Spray foam rigs

To most people this may be an obvious answer, but if you’ve never dealt in construction – or proper construction the answer is yes. However, this article will be focused on Spray Foam Insulation and why it is superior to most other techniques, such as fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation. 

Whether you are upgrading your Houston, Texas Video game store or building from scratch, when it’s time to do the insulation the obvious choice is spray foam insulation.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

SPF or spray polyurethane foam is an insulation and sealant that is very versatile but at the same time can create a continuous air barrier in your Houston video game store on multiple surfaces.  This means no leaks, no air pockets, everything is sealed.  With fiberglass or cellulose insulation there are always gaps that can let air in.  This air barrier includes, your foundation or any concrete slab, walls, ceilings – any surface.  SPF is created by mixing two liquids that are incredibly fast reacting – isocyanate and polyol resin.  When these two compounds mix and react, it creates foam.

Kinds of Spray Foam Insulation

There are two different kinds of spray foam insulation you can use for your  Houston, Texas video game store – Open-Cell or Closed-Cell.

Open-Cell – Open cell spray foam is anywhere from 25% to half the price of Closed Cell.  You can save a lot using Open-Cell, but it might now be worth it.  Why? It has a lower R-value per inch as compared to Closed-Cell.  Since the R-value is lower it must be done with much thicker layers.  It’s primarily used in open areas where there is more space such as ceilings, floor joists and attics.

Closed-Cell – Since the R-value is much higher that open-cell it will be much more expensive but the pay off comes with the higher R-value.  Since the R-value is much higher it will be more “sticky” and rigid and give your walls and ceilings more integrity.

How Much Energy Can it Save for my Houston, TX Video Game Store?

When Spray Foam Insulation is done correctly it will fix all cracks, seams, and gaps as it expands therefore creating an air sealant.  The US Department of Energy has done many studies and reports that video game stores or anyone who uses spray foam insulation can save 15% or higher on their energy bills.

Spray Foam Equipment Houston TX uses Spray Foam Insulation to seal all points of air entry that lead to air leaks such as:

  • Attics
  • Wiring holes
  • Plumbing Vents
  • Duct Chaseways
  • Recessed light
  • Furnace Flue
  • Behind Knee Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Basement rim joints
  • Open soffits

Is there any type if Infiltration for my Video Game Store in Texas?

Yes, a video game store in Houston, Texas can lose up to 42% of energy simply due to air infiltration.

The US Department of Energy goes on to say that gaps, leaks, or any air getting out makes all the money you pay for air conditioning and heating go to waste and makes your bill rise significantly.  In fact, 55% of a video game store’s energy is used for cooling and heating.

Most video game stores are insulated with fiberglass or cellulose, but spray foam insulation resists any type of transfer of heat and seals the gaps and insulates, whereas fiberglass and cellulose struggle.  SPF is also superior in preventing vapor, moisture, and hot or cold air from penetrating your video game store’s interior.  Another side bonus is SPF is quite effective at being a sound barrier too!

How does the R-Value Performance Stack up for my Video Game Store?

R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance, so SPF, which provides the best in thermal performance, and highest R-value can easily save money and energy versus competitors due to the thickness.  The simple math is the higher the R-value the better the insulating properties.

The average R-value for SPF ranges from 3.5 to 7 inches.  This allows the same kind of energy savings in half the space that is usually required.  To get this point across – there are 115 million or so homes in the United States.  If all 115 million homes used Spray Foam Insulation our country would save $34 billion in energy each year.  Yes, $34 billion!

How does one apply Spray Foam Insulation?

Most companies use a Spray foam rig to apply spray polyurethane foam.  With the use of a spray foam rig, insulation companies can insulate your video game store in Houston, Texas quickly and efficiently.  We’re talking simple hours – with fiberglass insulation installation could and usually did take days.

What types of Spray Foam rigs are there?

There are three types of spray foam rigs – Towable trailers, Box trucks, or compact units.

Towable Trailers – This is the most common form of a spray foam rig that insulation companies use.  It allows them to quickly move from construction site to construction site with ease. 

Box Trucks – These are much smaller than towable trailers and used in smaller markets – usually residential size.  Depending on the size of your video game store, this most likely will be what is used to insulate your store.

Compact Units – For even smaller projects a compact unit can be used.  They can be used for a single job or small space since they have a small footprint, and require very little space.

It can be expensive to run a spray foam rig.  Besides storage costs the machine themselves are expensive to purchase as well as maintain.


When it comes to improving or building your video game store in Houston, Texas, one thing is for certain.  You should focus on doing it right the first time.  Don’t go with cheap insulation such as fiberglass, which might save you a buck, but your energy bill will be much higher.  SPF or better known as spray polyurethane foam will make your Texas video game store be at the top of the food chain, as well as saving you money in your energy bills.