The Double-A Team: Area 51 was one of the finest shooters of the PS2 generation

Midway. Midway? Midway. That could be the name for this whole series, a tribute to a world of games that companies such as Midway moulded by pushing the medium forward in so many odd ways. Because I can assure you, nobody is really going to obtain this much artistic value from something like Red Dead 2 in ten years’ time.

From what I can remember, I treated myself to a fresh new copy of Area 51 as it was released near my birthday. Instead of visiting my local indie games shop, I opted to buy it from the DVD/game rental store next to the Morrison’s with the help of my aunt. It’s now a tanning salon.

I mention all of this mundanity as a set-up, because the game itself was sort of mind-blowing at the time. When I’m not listening to David Duchovny in XIII, I’m listening to him in Area 51. And Powers Boothe. And Marilyn Manson!

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