The fascinating theory that explains RuneScape’s illogical geography

From the southern Feldip Hills to the barren waste of the Wilderness, Gielinor, RuneScape’s setting, is home to a collection of countries and kingdoms, within which lie cities and towns, many hiding dungeons beneath their streets. Beyond the borders of these settlements you can find ancient ruins, ghast infested swamps, a portal for interplanetary travel and even a spa. Yet, the more you explore the world of RuneScape, the more you’ll start to notice that something is slightly wrong with Gielinor’s geography.

How does climbing Ice Mountain, a peak so high that it’s the only place in Asgarnia always covered in snow, take less than 30 seconds? Why do characters act like certain towns are miles apart, but, when you undertake the journey, it takes five minutes by foot? Most of all – how is Lumbridge, the quintessential country town (goblin problem aside), literally a short walking distance away from the Kharidian Desert?

I don’t need my geography GCSE to tell me that something isn’t quite right here. Thankfully, the RuneScape community has an answer in the form of scale theory and, before you ask, it has nothing to do with that flat earth – sorry, flat Gielinor – nonsense.

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