The Hori Split Pad Pro for Switch is getting some new colours

Hori’s popular and officially licensed Nintendo Switch controller attachment, the Split Pad Pro, is going to be getting a fresh lick of paint when three new colour variants release later this year.

If you’ve not seen it before, the purpose of the Hori Split Pad Pro is to give you a full controller experience while playing the Switch in handheld mode. Instead of using the fiddly and hand cramp inducing Joy-Cons, you slot the chunky controller halves onto the side of the console.

As well as giving you something more akin to an Xbox controller in your hands, you also get some extra features such as large shoulder buttons, programmable rear triggers and turbo functionality. You do miss out on motion controls, HD rumble and NFC support, which isn’t too big of a dealbreaker unless you’re really going to miss any of those features.

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