The Pros and Cons of the PlayStation 2

playstation 2 review

Do you know any video games that magically appear on the PlayStation 2 since it was announced at E3 in such a packed room of microphones. One could almost feel the excitement in the air in that room, as developers literally jumped through hoops to explain most of the new gadgets to the media. Among the announcements were several PS2 classics bundled together in such a way that it amazed me and you couldn’t help but learn a few new things.

But the degree of astonishment would be short-lived. For all the brain candy that was sapped from the developers of the PS2 and its competitors, the PlayStation 2 has maintained a firm posture being stored in ub1818 cases. It has the hardware power of the next generation racer on the style of the Disney PS3.

jarring colors

The first thing you noticed about the PS2 is that it is a purple liquid-like substance. Several sources have cited this as the cause of several valve related issues with the PlayStation 2 (even exclusives), but I don’t care about logic, I care about looks. Bright colors are not to be paired with a grey, soft system.

The hardware is 32 bit and it comes pre-packaged with a controller, an Ethernet cable, a USB cable, and a crapton of warranty. You can buy the controller separately, but I personally prefer the included set so I get a little tripped up. The system is tall and bulky near the top, but this is to be expected considering the type of system it is. It feels big and it weighs a good few pounds.

You are presented with a few buttons at the top-edge of the system and these are used to access the many audio and video ports as well as the line-in and line-out ports.

Sony’s proprietary UMD’s (Video Memory Box) are used to store high quality 3D software when you are in that 3D zone. The 3D glasses need to be closed for the experience to work right, but they are fairly easy to get to after they are closed for the night.

The PlayStation 2 can be your de-toxi hovercraft in the sky, you can scare your stomach with the speaker imagination that is the Power Button, and it is very nearly turn-based. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get your hands on eBay right now, but almost every store, online and off, has a few Switch copies for you to lunch through.

The cons to the game (as well as the pros, as listed in the Nintendo DS section) are few and far between; the framerates can be slow, you have to swap cartridges, cartridges can be expensive, and the system is tougher to put together than the original DS.

Bottom Line

The pros of the PlayStation 2 system far outweigh the cons, so if you are someone who never fails to come across a new game and you simply must have this system, you had better make your list to include eBayNintendo DS guns before it is too late.