This new PUGB leak reckons there’s a new “tournament-style” mode on the way

The latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds leak purports there’s a new game mode on the way.

Called Vostok, it’s been described as a “mix of FPS and Auto Battler genre”. In a new video, leaker PlayerIGN suggests the new mode is a significant departure for the battle royale format, pitting players against each other in a range of 1v1 situations with limited spawns. The last player standing – in true battle royale tradition – will be the victor.

As reported by PCGN, Vostok gives players just three lives. They will rotate through numerous individual encounters – winning money and the chance to upgrade your gear with each successful round – until there’s just one player left. The better your performance in each round, the better your bonuses and rewards.

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