Town of Light dev’s WW2 thriller Martha is Dead coming to Xbox Series X, PC next year

Town of Light developer LKA has confirmed its new WW2-set, first-person psychological thriller, Martha is Dead, will be coming to Xbox Series X next year, alongside the previously announced PC version – and there’s an unsettling new trailer to accompany the news.

Martha is Dead unfolds in Tuscany, 1944, against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict between German and Allied forces. The story begins as the body of a woman, Martha, is found by the side of a lake, deep in the Italian countryside. Players, cast in the role of her twin sister, must deal with the repercussions of the murder, “all whilst the horror of war draws ever closer”.

“Along the way,” LKA explained back at the time of the game’s announcement, “she will encounter situations and discover things no one should have to… mortal death was the easy path compared to this one marred by mental and emotional distress which lingers on.”

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