Ubisoft pulls Black Lives Matter raised fist from new Tom Clancy game following backlash

Ubisoft has promised to pull an image used in a Tom Clancy video game after it was accused of promoting alt-right Black Lives Matter conspiracy theories.

Ubisoft came under fire this weekend for its use of the “raised fist” image in the intro video for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a kind of Tom Clancy all-stars action RPG for mobile devices drenched in a Fortnite-style graphics style. It’s developed by Owlient, the Paris-based studio behind horse breeding games.

The intro video depicts a society in civil unrest. A group called UMBRA, “a faceless organisation that wants to build a new world order,” is said to be organising deadly terrorist attacks to generate even more chaos and weaken governments “at the cost of many innocent lives”. UMBRA uses the raised fist as its symbol.

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