Vampyr and Need for Speed: Payback are October’s PlayStation Plus games

‘Tis almost October, and to celebrate the onset of this most sinister of seasons, Sony is giving PlayStation Plus subscribers a touch of the gothic in the form of Life is Strange developer Dontnod’s action-RPG Vampyr. Less spookily, Need for Speed: Payback is option number two.

Vampyr drops players onto the fog-shrouded, open-world streets of Edwardian London to take control of Doctor Jonathan E. Reid, a man struggling to reconcile his Hippocratic Oath with his vampiric need to slurp on the pulsating life-force of innocents and not-so-innocents.

What follows is a game of grimy fisticuffs and investigative exploration as players scour the streets in search of folk that might be a little more deserving of an icky death than others. It’s an interesting concept, but Eurogamer’s Aoife Wilson wasn’t entirely convinced by its execution when she reviewed it on release back in 2018.

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