Different types of Architecture in Video Games

Video Game Architecture



Architecture plays an important role while defining the dimensions of a building or even a city. The same rule applies in the games where the designers have to schematize and build a whole new city, starting from simple toilets to skyscrapers or roads as seen quite commonly in a famous game named Grand Theft Auto. The Sims, a renowned game was influenced and inspired by the works of an architecture. In the game you can run across home health care professionals, actors, anybody as well as architectures.  These games greatly emphasizes on the art of architecture making it much important than it actually seems.

The game designers and engineers use architecture to create buildings for various reasons. Some of these reasons are:

1. To create an impression of a real world like GTA.

2. To decorate and improve the image of the game as detected in “Sims.”

3. To protect the goods as seen in “The Age Of Empires.”

4. To hide or to seek protection as commonly observed in “Call Of Duty.”

5. To increase the complexity of the games like “Snake.”


A room or a building normally seen in a game resembles a cube, consisting of 4 walls, one roof, and a floor. Walls serve the purpose of protection and hiding from an outside danger. They can also serve as a tool to increase the embellishment or value of a building. Serving as obstacles and testing the skills of the player, walls can be of great use in games like “Maze.” In games like “Tomb Raider,” walls can also serve as a vital component to conceal treasures.

The floor is the single most important factor serving as a set-point where the gamer lies in a three-dimensional area. The floor is also used for calibrating the distances between different architectural components of the games. The floor is equally important in any one, two or three-dimensional space.

The roof and solar panels is an architectural component seen in three-dimensional games only, like in the game roofing birmingham al.  It is considered as an unimportant constituent, but in actual, the roof can be one of the most significant elements affecting the beauty and complexity of a game. In well-engineered games like GTA, Tomb Raider or Assassins Creed, roof serves multiple purposes, most important of which is being an embellishment. In GTA, roofs increase the beauty and price tags of a safe house which a player can buy. Big houses with high roofs and costly chandeliers can increase the price of a safe house to a great extent. It can also fulfill the function of landing or parking of a helicopter. In other games like “Assassins Creed” or “Counter-Strike,” rooms with low roofs can easily be used for camping. They also serve as a checkpoint to limit the extent to which the players can jump and attack their enemy.