We need to talk about the cost of next-gen video games

Next-gen video games cost £70 – this is something that has become apparent in the last month.

Sony, with the in-demand PlayStation 5 near launch, has decided Demon’s Souls, Destruction AllStars, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition all cost £69.99 each. On ShopTo, Gran Turismo 7 costs £69.85 – 14 pence cheaper than RRP. So does PS5 game Returnal. Clearly, if you want to get into PS5 gaming, the true cost of next-gen is £70 games.

But Sony is not alone in selling £70 next-gen games. I’ve had a look around, and I can’t help but feel we’re being shafted. PS5 launch title Godfall, published by Borderlands developer Gearbox, costs £70 on Sony’s console. The PC version, exclusive to the Epic Games Store for now, costs £50. I know PC games, which are downloads not discs, tend to be cheaper than their console counterparts. But why is Godfall £20 more expensive on PS5 than it is on PC? That doesn’t seem right. I asked Gearbox for an explanation for the cost of Godfall, but it has yet to comment.

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