Well, it sounds like P.T. is safe for another PlayStation generation

This week, Sony published a support page answering some of the outstanding questions we had about the PlayStation 5 and backwards compatibility. In there is a line I skimmed over upon first reading, but now I’ve gone back and had a thorough rummage, I’ve come to a realisation: P.T. is safe for another generation.

The line in question confirms you can indeed transfer digital games and saved data from a PlayStation 4 to a PS5 via WiFi. You can also access PS4 games on a PS5 directly from a PS5 extended storage drive.

I assumed this would be the case, but it was still great to see it in writing. And it got me thinking: it means I can transfer P.T., the “playable teaser” Hideo Kojima and co concocted for the cancelled Silent Hills project, from my base PS4, where it has sat under lock and key ever since it was delisted from the PlayStation Store, to a PS5 when I end up getting one. And given P.T. is not on Sony’s list of 10 PS4 games that won’t work on PS5, I assume I’ll be able to play it on the next-gen console, too.

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