Xbox Series X/S pre-orders now available at these retailers

After months and months of waiting, you can now pre-order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Microsoft’s next-gen consoles aren’t scheduled for release until 10th November, but you can already ensure either of the new boxes will be arriving at your door as soon as possible right here.

Remember, the Xbox Series X will cost £449/$499, while the slightly lower-powered Xbox Series S will set you back £249/$299. There is also the Xbox All-Access program if you’d rather pay for the console over time instead of a single upfront cost. You can find more on that and all retailers currently taking pre-orders for the consoles, accessories and games below.

Latest: Xbox Series X pre-orders are mostly sold out in the US. You can still find the Xbox Series S available at most retailers. Meanwhile, the first wave of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-orders is over in the UK and Europe. The Xbox Series X has sold out almost immediately, but the Xbox Series S is still widely available. We’re still doing our best to keep on top of all the latest stock and will update this page with any more we find over the coming days.

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