Yesterday I witnessed the most ridiculous game of Magic Arena I’ve ever seen

Yesterday I witnessed the most ridiculous game of Magic: The Gathering I’ve ever seen.

Dessie, who I live with, was a few rounds into a ranked Arena match and inches away from a win. She had flying creatures her opponent had no defence against, and though they weren’t particularly powerful, they’d nearly pecked their way to victory. But then, as tends to happen in Magic, everything changed.

It was a game-winning moment. Her opponent found the card they needed to ignite their game plan and suddenly, their combos fired. Really, the game was over. Anyone watching could see it. Dessie had no answer for what was happening. Were it me, I’d have given in, ducked out with a “good game” there and then. But Dessie refused to, and it’s her stubborn pride which is crucial to the tale ahead.

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